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'PhysioAdvisor Exercises' Android App

PhysioAdvisor is proud to announce the release of its new Android Application – ‘PhysioAdvisor Exercises’. Download from the Google Play Android Marketplace today!

View ‘PhysioAdvisor Exercises’ in the Google Play Android Marketplace.

About the App

‘PhysioAdvisor Exercises’ is one of the top selling Health & Fitness apps in Australia!

PhysioAdvisor Exercises is a professional and easy to use application, providing the user with a comprehensive range of Physiotherapy and Injury Rehabilitation Exercises designed by experienced Physiotherapists. Exercises have been carefully selected and organized to improve strength, flexibility, fitness, posture, core stability, balance and co-ordination. Superbly designed, PhysioAdvisor Exercises is a handy reference for people of all ages, patients, athletes, Physiotherapists (particularly in the prescription of exercises to patients) and other Health Professionals alike.

The application’s extensive database of progressive exercises has over 500 exercises and over 800 images including:

PhysioAdvisor Exercises is a unique exercise application and one of the only available with all content constructed by experienced Physiotherapists. This ensures exercises are demonstrated with correct technique and incorporate injury prevention principles. All exercises have been carefully selected based on those most commonly prescribed in clinical practice and those providing maximal benefit for the general population. PhysioAdvisor Exercises is a comprehensive resource providing clear pictures, detailed instructions, clean user interface, all within the palm of your hand.

Our easy-to-use exercise builder ‘My Program’ allows you to create your own workout or rehabilitation program. Simply select and add specific exercises into ‘My Program’ and off you go, or, take your phone to your Physio appointment and let your Physio construct your individualized rehab program.

The user-friendly Body Chart allows quick reference to find flexibility or strengthening exercises specific for a particular body part. All exercises include clearly worded instructions.

The ‘Exercise Reminder’ feature ensures you will never forget to do your exercises at the appropriate time and offers a convenient solution to remind you of when it is time to workout! Simply set the alarms at the appropriate times and let the App remind you of when it is time to exercise!


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Download the new ‘PhysioAdvisor Exercises’ Android App to your smartphone via the Google Play Android Marketplace.


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