Taping Techniques (Lower Body)

Written by Tele Demetrious


Learn about physiotherapy taping techniques for various parts of the lower body:

Achilles Taping


      Achilles Tendon Taping

Ankle Taping      Ankle Taping

Calf Taping


       Calf Taping

Fat Pad Taping

         Fat Pad Taping

Foot Taping      Foot Taping

Knee Taping      Knee Taping

Patella Taping      Patella Taping

Patella Tendon Taping      Patella Tendon Taping

Posterior Ankle Impingement Taping


     Posterior Ankle Impingement Taping

Sports Tape & Accessories     Sports Tape & Accessories

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Link to this Page

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