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PhysioAdvisor’s health section provides informative articles on a range of physiotherapy related health and injury prevention topics. Our physiotherapy health section has been carefully designed by our experienced physiotherapists to address those questions most commonly encountered in clinical practice.

Our physiotherapy health information articles include:

Bike Setup   Bike Setup

A detailed article on correct bike set-up and injury prevention tips for cycling injuries.

Choosing a School Bag   Choosing a School Bag

Find out how to choose an appropriate school bag for your child and healthy spine tips for school children.

Choosing a Shoe   Choosing a Shoe

Learn key tips for choosing the correct shoe for your feet.

Pronated Feet   Do I Need Orthotics?

Read detailed physiotherapy health information on orthotics and when they may be indicated.

Ergonomic Computer Setup   Ergonomic Computer Setup

Learn about ergonomic computer setup, maintaining correct posture at a computer desk and reducing injury likelihood in an office environment.

How to use Crutches   How to use Crutches

A detailed article on when to use crutches and how to use crutches correctly.

Ice or Heat?   Ice or Heat ?

Learn about when to use ice or heat treatment for injuries.

Inflammatory Pain   Inflammatory Pain

Learn about inflammatory pain including comprehensive treatment and rehabilitation tips to accelerate recovery.

Injury Prevention   Injury Prevention

Read our top tips to minimise the risk of sports injuries and improve athletic performance.

Investigations   Investigations

Learn about commonly used investigations to aid injury diagnosis including X-ray, MRI, CT Scan, Ultrasound and Bone Scan.

Mechanical Pain   Mechanical Pain

Learn about mechanical pain including comprehensive treatment advice to accelerate recovery.

Mindfulness - Sitting watching sunset   Mindfulness

Read our progressive series of Mindfulness articles designed to reduce suffering, increase happiness and peace of mind, improve injury management alongside many other health benefits.

Mobile Phone Ergonomics   Mobile Phone Ergonomics

Learn about injury prevention tips and ergonomics for using mobile phones.

Physiotherapy   Physiotherapy

What is physiotherapy, when to see a physiotherapist, and how physiotherapy can help your injury.

Posture   Posture

Find out how to improve your posture and reduce the likelihood of posture related injuries.

Running   Return to Running

Detailed physiotherapy health information on returning to running following injury including a return to running program.

Return to Sport  Return to Sport

Find out how to safely return to sport following injury.

R.I.C.E.   R.I.C.E.

Learn about initial injury management and the R.I.C.E. regime.

Safe Lifting   Safe Lifting

A detailed article on safe lifting techniques to minimize stress on the spine and reduce injury likelihood.

Sports Recovery   Sports Recovery

A detailed article on improving recovery following training or sport to reduce injury likelihood and enhance performance .

Taping Techniques   Taping Techniques

Learn physiotherapy taping techniques for various parts of the body such as the ankle, knee and lower back.

Understanding Pain    Understanding Pain

A comprehensive article on some bio-psycho-social strategies that can be used to positively impact the recovery process, desensitise the nervous system, retrain the brain and reduce pain and suffering experienced due to injury.

Warm Up & Cool Down   Warm Up & Cool Down

A detailed article on how to warm up and cool down for sport to reduce the likelihood of injury and maximize performance.

Chronic Football Injury    Why is My Injury Not Improving?

In this article we explore some of the most common reasons why injuries do not improve in the clinical setting and strategies to overcome these obstacles.

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