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Achilles & Heel   Achilles & Heel Injuries

 Ankle   Ankle Injuries

Buttock   Buttock Injuries

Elbow & Forearm   Elbow & Forearm Injuries

Foot   Foot Injuries

Hip & Groin   Hip & Groin Injuries

Knee   Knee Injuries

Lower Back   Lower Back Injuries

Lower Leg   Lower Leg Injuries

Neck & Head   Neck & Head Injuries

Shoulder   Shoulder Injuries

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Wrist & Hand   Wrist & Hand Injuries

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Injuries   Injuries

PhysioAdvisor’s injury information is designed to be simple, comprehensive and informative, helping you to take control of your injury. Our detailed information on specific injuries includes:

  • Injury description
  • Injury causes
  • Injury signs and symptoms
  • Injury diagnosis
  • Injury treatment
  • Injury prognosis
  • Injury contributing factors
  • Physiotherapy treatment for each injury
  • Other injury intervention
  • Common initial physiotherapy exercises for each injury
  • Physiotherapy products to help your injury

Our experienced physiotherapists are also updating our injury articles for our exclusive ‘PhysioAdvisor Members’ to include the most relevant information to help you take control of your injury. Additional sections for our updated injury articles include:

  • Detailed treatment information
  • Intermediate and advanced exercises
  • A detailed step by step rehabilitation protocol

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