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Lower Back Pain

Is passive therapy the answer?

Used in isolation, passive treatment techniques such as massage, manual therapy, the use of complex machinery or dry needling may provide symptomatic relief. However, these passive therapies do not target the underlying cause of lower back pain. They also do not address lifestyle factors that may be perpetuating the condition.

In clinical practice, it is relatively common to see patients with ongoing back pain despite seeing health professionals. In these cases, patients often have not received adequate education to change their lifestyle factors which perpetuate their condition.

Physiotherapy Treatment of Back Pain

What factors perpetuate back pain?

The following factors often perpetuate lower back pain:

Poor Sitting Posture Causing Back Pain
Figure 1 – Poor posture

What can I do to address my condition?

One of the most important things you can do to address your lower back pain is to learn appropriate strategies to change lifestyle factors that are perpetuating your condition. This enables your back to have an optimal environment for healing which is crucial for an ideal outcome. Graduated flexibility and strengthening exercises prescribed in an appropriate manner are also vital.

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Physiotherapy Exercise for Back Pain

What if I’m not improving? 

Firstly, check out our article, for thorough advice:

Secondly, get it assessed, ideally by an experienced Physiotherapist with post graduate training in the McKenzie ‘Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy’ Approach.

Is my pain likely to recur?

The rate of lower back pain recurrence is high. It is estimated, that there is an approximate 90% chance of recurrence if patients do not appropriately change their movement patterns.

Learning to address the underlying cause of the condition is therefore vital.

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