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Need personalised help with your injury? Try an Online Physiotherapy consultation!

VIDEO & PHONE CONSULTATIONS are now available with our experienced Physiotherapists.

This is to cater for an unprecedented demand in Telehealth Physiotherapy services.

Patient with Acute Lower Back Pain


Begin your online physiotherapy consultation, in 2 simple steps:

Step 1 – Book Your Consultation & Make a Payment

Book your Consultation via the following link:

(If you need a specific time please contact us at [email protected] and we may be able to help)

Then complete your Payment (required at time of booking):

Step 2 – Install Zoom & Begin Consultation

Once your consult is booked and paid, please install Zoom to your device (this is free & easy to use).

Prior to your appointment, we will send an email with a link to join your consultation.

Please monitor your email address (and junk folder) and click the relevant link (at your consultation time) to begin your Physiotherapy consult.

Online Physiotherapy Consultation via Laptop

Online Physiotherapy Consultation Features

Initial Physiotherapy Video Consultation Features
Follow Up Physiotherapy Video Consultation Features
Physiotherapy Anatomy for Online Consultations

Common Questions

How Can Physiotherapy Be Performed Online?

Good question! We all know that Physiotherapy is traditionally thought of as adopting a very hands on approach, however as an evidence based profession, Physiotherapy is moving away from its reliance on passive treatment techniques such as manual therapy and the use of complex machinery to a more active approach focusing on patient education, lifestyle modification advice, self management strategies and progressive exercises. This converts extremely well to our online Physiotherapy consultation format.

You can read more about our evidence based approach in the following article – How can Physiotherapy be performed online? 

Which Physiotherapist’s are performing PhysioAdvisor’s Online Consults

Tele Demetrious (Physiotherapist)

Tele Demetrious, Physiotherapist, BPhysio(Hons), Director & Founder of PhysioAdvisor.

Tele is a respected physiotherapist with over 18 years of clinical experience in all aspects of musculoskeletal physiotherapy.  Tele completed his Bachelor of Physiotherapy Degree with honours at Melbourne University in 2001 and now has expertise in sports, spinal, post-operative and general injuries and is a world leader in online patient education.

Tele’s more than 18 years of clinical experience around the world has included 16 years working in some of the largest physiotherapy and medical clinics on the Mornington Peninsula, 12 years working as creator and director of and 2 years working with the British Army and Air Force in bases in the UK and Germany. He currently consults at 2 of the largest medical clinics on the Mornington Peninsula, in addition to PhysioAdvisor’s Online Consultations.

Tele believes in a holistic approach to treatment, has a strong personal work ethic, love of helping people and takes great satisfaction from getting his patients better as quickly as possible. As PhysioAdvisor’s director, founder and primary content writer, Tele has expertise in empowering patients to self manage their conditions. This approach and knowledge provides an ideal foundation to help patients via remote video and phone consultations. Tele has received excellent feedback from his numerous telehealth consultations to date.

In his spare time, he loves keeping fit, spending time in nature with friends and family, travelling around the world and he is a strong advocate of mindfulness practises to enhance the quality of life in each moment.

Can I Have a Phone Consultation Instead of a Video Consult?

Absolutely. When you schedule your appointment time, please choose ‘Phone Consultation’. Our experienced Physiotherapist will then call you at the time of your consultation (instead of organising a video call). Please ensure you are ready to receive your call at this time.

Our Physiotherapists are experts at adapting their examination to phone or video consults as required to gain the information they need to help you on your journey to great health.

What is a Tailored Patient Care Plan?

A Tailored Patient Care Plan is our way of providing you with personalised tools to help you take control of your injury.

It is a personalised PDF document (sent to you via email), created by one of our experienced Physiotherapists following your consultation. It comprises a summary of the key advice your Physiotherapist has provided to empower you to take control of your injury and accelerate your journey to wellness.

When will I receive my Tailored Patient Care Plan?

Your Tailored Patient Care Plan should arrive via email on the day of your consultation (usually within a few hours of your consultation – don’t forget to check your ‘junk’ or ‘spam’ email folder).

If you have not received it within 1 – 2 business days of your consultation, please contact us at [email protected].

Can I Pay without a PayPal account?

Absolutely! All Online Physiotherapy Consultations can be paid with either a PayPal account or credit card (via the PayPal website).

What are the benefits of Becoming a PhysioAdvisor Member?

As a valued PhysioAdvisor Member, you will gain access to our exclusive Members Only Content comprising of thousands of hours of evidence based Physiotherapy articles designed to help you take control of your injury and accelerate your journey to wellness.

Read about the full benefits of Becoming a PhysioAdvisor Member.

What is the difference between an Initial and Follow Up Consultation?

An Initial Consultation last for 40 minutes and receives a 3 month complementary PhysioAdvisor Membership (for $99.95 AUD). These consultations should be booked for all new patients or existing patients with new conditions.

A Follow Up Consultation lasts for 20 minutes (for $59.95 AUD). These consultations should be booked for all follow up appointments for existing patients (unless their condition is new).


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