Online Physiotherapy Consultation Terms and Conditions

Written by Tele Demetrious


1) Nature of Services

By using our website, or purchasing or using any physiotherapy service from our website (including our Online Physiotherapy Consultations), you signify that you agree to our Terms & Conditions as set out in this document.

You acknowledge and agree that although online consultations can be effective, no online service is an equal substitute for an in-person consultation with a physiotherapist. As with in-person consultations, PhysioAdvisor, and its staff (hereon collectively referred to as PA) makes no guarantee that our services will result in the improvement, resolution or cure of your condition or symptoms. In most cases, improvement in your condition is dependent upon your chosen lifestyle, daily activities, behaviour and actions. You acknowledge that we are completely reliant upon the information that you provide us and that the information you provide us in response to our online examination questions or additional follow up questions is accurate and complete. You agree to disclose to us at the same time as your online examination any additional information which could reasonably be expected to be relevant to your injury, condition or treatment as part of your online examination.

Our recommendations and tailored patient care plans contain information, resources and links based on what we believe are likely to help (given the information you provide and our clinical experience), however, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of information we provide or the results obtained by using such information. Whilst PA will endeavour to complete your injury analysis and send your tailored patient care plan via email within 1 – 2 business days of your Online Physiotherapy Consultation (provided you have completed your payment), we cannot guarantee this time frame.

You agree to immediately cease following any advice, treatment or rehabilitation programs provided by PA if you experience any increase in discomfort or pain. You also agree to immediately cease any online consultation, assessment or online consultation test provided by PA if you experience any discomfort or pain. In these situations you should consult your doctor or physiotherapist in person as soon as possible. You acknowledge that online consultation physical examination tests, may contain a risk of injury or injury aggravation (especially if your condition is irritable) and you agree to perform these tests completely at your own risk. You also agree to apply due diligence to slowly, gently and carefully perform any online consultation examination tests without aggravating symptoms to minimise the risk of injury or injury aggravation. You agree to only follow advice, treatment, rehabilitation programs, online consultation advice (including tailored patient care plans) provided by PA if you have read each respective document in its entirety and completely understand it.

2) Confidentiality

You agree to keep any advice or information provided to you via our tailored patient care plan, email or otherwise confidential and you will not share such information with third persons. We do not assume a duty of care for any third persons.

3) Written Consent

For those who are less than 18 years of age, you must obtain written consent from your parent or guardian and send a copy to us at [email protected]. Your parent or guardian must also agree to these Terms and Conditions prior to you using our online physiotherapy consultation services. Your parent or guardian must also supervise your answers to our online examination questions or any follow up questions and provide appropriate supervision to any information, treatment advice, rehabilitation program or tailored patient care plan we suggest or provide you. If you are under 18 years of age and have not obtained written consent from your parent or guardian, do not use these services.

4) Refunds

You acknowledge and agree that refunds will only be provided for Online Physiotherapy Consultations as required under our obligations by laws in force in Victoria, Australia. We may, at our sole discretion, offer refunds in certain situations subject to any individual seeking such refund applying for the refund in accordance with the requirements we communicate with them or post on the website, which may be changed from time to time. If we become aware that our services are clearly not suitable for you, we may choose not to provide our service and will subsequently offer a refund.

5) You acknowledge and agree to be bound by PhysioAdvisor’s General Terms & Conditions.

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