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The award-winning BakBall is a unique device designed for self-treatment of back pain and to aid spinal mobilisation. The design suits the anatomy of the spine and has been specially designed by a qualified physiotherapist, Mark Alexander (BPhty Hons), physiotherapist for the Australian Olympic and Commonwealth Games Triathlon team. BakBall is a portable and easy to use product that you can lie on or lean against to treat back pain and stiffness. BakBall assists in the long term treatment of back-related conditions.


New Softer Red BakBall

BakBalls Range

Back pain patients can now safely use the new softer red BakBall to maintain the benefits of your physiotherapist’s lumbar and thoracic mobilisations. Like Theraband®, patients can start on the softer red BakBall and then progress to the firmer black BakBall once they are improving. The BakBall’s dimensions are perfectly matched to the average vertebral width to ensure the force is applied directly to the spinal joints and muscles when you lie over the device.

How To Use BakBall

BakBall is designed to reverse joint stiffness and correct slouched, hunched, forward posture that significantly contributes to back pain. Poor posture increases the pressure placed on the ligaments and discs supporting the spine, and can result in increased curvature of the spine which is a major predisposing factor in the development of spinal conditions. The balls are positioned horizontally so that the spine runs vertically between the two balls and patient lies down on the device. The pressure exerted at each vertebrae of the spine mobilises the painful and stiff joints providing relief of symptoms. By moving down to each vertebrae, relief can be achieved from the upper to the lower back. BakBall is designed to provide a therapeutic manipulative force directly onto the most commonly painful regions of the spine.

How To Use BakBall

N.B. BakBall should be used in conjunction with the advice from a professional practitioner.

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